Urban Fantasy Writers

A group for people working on their urban fantasy novel.


Creative Writing for the Crazies ;)

Hello! I'm currently a student, so I'm just looking for people who like to write and want to show other people but are also kinda “awkward” in real life! ;)


The contemporary wordsmiths

A group of young writers who want to grow in their writing capabilities and help others do the same


Escritores internacionales

Grupo dónde aprender, compartir y ayudarnos en nuestros proyectos de escritura.



Horror/Thriller Writing and Reading Enthusiasts

Hello! Welcome to our extremely cool and scary group.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do (Unless you're like a murderer or an NFT artist. Then we might have a problem) If you love any kind of horror then you've come to the right place.

We don't discriminate! Not people or stories, if it sends shivers down your spine then it's good enough to be here!

So don't be shy to share your writing or book recommendations any time! We're looking forward to seeing the things you create.


Escritores hispanohablantes


Mi nombre es Naia, y soy una escritora principiante. Desde que empecé a escribir mi novela fantástica, no he encontrado a otros escritores jóvenes que compartan esta pasión, por eso he decidido crear un espacio para escritores hispanohablantes. Aquí podemos:

  1.  Compartir nuestras novelas.
  2.  Buscar lectores beta. 
  3. Pedir ayuda. 
  4. Compartir trucos. 
  5. Compartir ideas o tramas. 
  6. Conocer nuevas personas. 



Professional Services

Meet new friends for support and feedback on your journey to getting published, or find a writing course and improve your skills.