First Novel

Helpful feedback, resources, writing exercises and literature recommendations for writers participating in the “Write Your First Novel” Coursera course.


Writers' Book Group

An online book group for writers. We'll look at a different writing related books then meet on Zoom to discuss what we've learned.


Story Planner feedback group

A group for Story Planner users to discuss story structure, character plans and more. This group is for anyone who likes to plan their novel before they write a draft. It suits writers who use structure methods such as Save the Cat, three act structure, or similar plans to outline their novel. The group aims to offer online critique so members can submit outlines and plots for feedback if they choose. Members can help each other to create a well-structured outline for their novel.


Young Dreams

Young writers with dreams. Have a hard time finding the right story? Just post a question in the discussion!


Coursera Writing Group

Coursera writing group for students currently enrolled in class.


Young writers group

a group of young writers working together to make their dreams of becoming best-selling authors come true!


Animal Authors Collective (AAC)

Rather niche community-wise, we are seeking to include animal novelists in our midst if present! If you're working on something with sentient animals, whether it's cats, dogs, or wolves, your work is welcome here!


Writing Time

Let's schedule time to support one another to do the work together.  Emphasis on just writing time with company and accountability.  Simple check in at the beginning and occasional discussion possible, but not usual.  Let's write!


Professional Services

Meet new friends for support and feedback on your journey to getting published, or find a writing course and improve your skills.