Writers' Book Group

An online book group for writers. We'll look at a different writing related books then meet on Zoom to discuss what we've learned.


Story Planner feedback group

A group for Story Planner users to discuss story structure, character plans and more. This group is for anyone who likes to plan their novel before they write a draft. It suits writers who use structure methods such as Save the Cat, three act structure, or similar plans to outline their novel. The group aims to offer online critique so members can submit outlines and plots for feedback if they choose. Members can help each other to create a well-structured outline for their novel.


The Original Writers Group

Free your imagination.

Now online, the Original Writers Group meets every Tuesday evening on Zoom from 7 to 9 pm GMT.

​We have many members: poets, novelists, playwrights, scriptwriters, historians, philosophers. It is a rich mix and makes a lively evening. Bring your work, whether these are short stories, poems, essays or just ideas and join us for an evening of chatting, sharing, planning, commiserating, pontificating - and all things about writing. This is the perfect place to workshop your writing.

Even if you are just starting out and are just interested in writing, come along and experience the evening. As sometimes the best motivation to write is to hear how others got there before you.

​Occasionally writers ask if they can read from their published work. This doesn't work for us as part of the enjoyment for listeners is in giving feedback. A published book is like a word carved in stone. There is nothing we can say. And that, as they say, is most disappointing. So we stick to work in progress, whether that is a first or tenth draft. That's when the group works best- both for the writer and the listener.


Young writers group

a group of young writers working together to make their dreams of becoming best-selling authors come true!



Let's get started together writing our adventure romance novels! 


Kyla Love And Light (Psychic Medium + Healer)

Kyla Love And Light (Psychic Medium + Healer) is a group where you can access a variety of energies for healing and growth. 


Young Writers Tips-The Universe of Writing Fictions


This is a very new group, created by a professional writer. All ages are welcome to join this group, no matter the experience you have in writing! There is no need in knowing how to write novels, you can learn overtime from people who wish to help and improve other people's skills. As you join, tell the community what you like to read/write and so on. I'm sure they'll like what they hear!

Also, I'll be creating a Discord group once more people start joining, I'll drop a link and my personal Discord if you want to privately message me there.

And one last thing. It doesn't matter if you are not a native English speaker, no one is English after all! I am not a native English speaker myself, but as the time passed I started writing in English like I write in my native language!

That would be all! I wish you a comfortable stay here and good luck at making friends here!


Animal Authors Collective (AAC)

Rather niche community-wise, we are seeking to include animal novelists in our midst if present! If you're working on something with sentient animals, whether it's cats, dogs, or wolves, your work is welcome here!


Professional Services

Meet new friends for support and feedback on your journey to getting published, or find a writing course and improve your skills.